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▓es of the vicar, he rejoiced● to see them together, and never dreame●d that to his petted


Nevil danger mi▓ght thence accrue.To him Lucy was still a ●child, as so she wa


s to herself and all aro▓und her, but to one, and that one, unhappi▓ly, was Ne


vil.He guessed not her influence til▓l he returned to his solitary studies, and


then● he felt, too keenly, that, despite his ●every resolution, he loved—and


loved i▓n vain; not only from their different stations●, but that it was stil


l only● as a brother she regarded him. Th●e next recess found them again to


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gether, m●ore closely than before, for L▓ucy was the old man’s guest● equally with himself

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; but a change h●ad come upon her—not towards Nevi●l, but in herself.The

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child h▓ad sprung into the woman—the incipient ge●rms of thought and feel

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ing burst into the fu●ll-blossomed flowers.There ▓was a deeper tone in her

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sweet v▓oice, a more intense light in her radiant ey▓e, a fuller sentimen

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t in her b▓right smile.Yet to Nevil’s eye alone thes●e things were

visible.None othe●r, even of those who loved her best, saw ●the change; but Nevil read by the light of● his own feelings, and they t●old him she, too, loved—and loved anot●her. It was even so, and from her o

wn lips ▓the artless tale was poured into his ear.▓ She called and felt him brother, and claimed h●is sympathy as

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such; feeling that, did she conc▓eal anything which concerned her ha

ppines●s from one so true, and kind, and g●ood as Nevil Herbert, she wronged him, and de▓served to lose his friendship altogethe●r; and even at such a moment Nevil●’s martyr spirit did not forsake him●.The han

d, indeed, was cold a●nd damp which pressed the fairy one held ▓out to him, as she spoke, but the● lip did not quiver, nor the voi▓ce falter, in which he assured her that her conf▓idence was not misplaced—that

her happiness and● interest were dear to him as ▓his own. A few weeks brought Mr.and Mrs▓.Lethvyn and Mordaunt

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Lyndsey to the vica▓rage.Handsome, intelligent, and animated, ther●

e was much in the latter to ●possess and win.He had been Lucy’s partner at▓ her first ball, and by the magic c●harm of his varied conversati●on, the magnetic power which fascinat▓es at a first interview, and ca

lling fo●rth the yearning to know more, gradually changes▓ into earnest and lasting love, fixed t●hat evening ind

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"Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur et."

John Doe, ess and artlessnes●s of

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elibly on her m●ind and heart. It is in vain to argue either ▓on

the birth, the nature or the duration of lo▓ve.It may spring into existence unconsc●iously; becoming so completely part of our ●being, that it remains unknown unti●l some sudden shock of joy or grief awake●ns us from our rest, and dooms us t▓o an almost overpowering sense of joy o●r an equal intensity of grief; o●r one little hour may reveal depths within the● human heart,

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    whose existence was n▓ever known before—will awaken restle●ss, bas

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    eless imaginings, that linger, st▓rengthening with every interview, t

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    ill the ea▓rthly fate is fixed for ever.▓ And how may we argue on th

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